Getting Out More

A few years ago, I found myself at a point in my life where everything had changed. A lot of us face the same kind of challenges, whether it is a career change, a death in the family, an existential crisis of some sort, or simply turning the page on one part of your life and starting a new chapter. In my case, it was a divorce. As many readers can probably relate, this is a difficult time in just about anyone’s life. Even when the smoke clears and you are done with court rooms, who gets what, and the thrill/terror of embarking on a new life, you might feel like a newborn foal on wobbly legs as you try to figure out what comes next.

I came to the realization that a lot of my ambitions had been put on hold. Holding my life together had become the norm, and when faced with the prospect of doing something new, there were times that I sputtered, or fell flat on my face. Not only in my personal life, but also in what to do with my kids, who were also struggling.

Oddly enough, there isn’t a lot of information out there for single parents on what to do with their spare time whenever they get it. Over the last few years, I have learned a few tips and tricks on my own. When I started out on my own again, I didn’t have much. I had a few bags of clothes, some personal possessions, and a hodgepodge of furniture and household wares donated by some very supportive friends and family. I didn’t have a passport, I hadn’t really been anywhere but a few places in the US in the last several years, and it seemed as though the world had passed me by.

I felt out of place. Out of step. A relic. Someone dear to my heart kept telling me “You need to get out more.” Sometimes it was the most irritating thing she could say. But it came from a place of love.

So, I did.

Along with me were my kids, and I was often at a loss as how we could spend quality time together. Sometimes it felt like we were living in a house full of strangers, just passing the time. One day it struck me that I couldn’t be the only newly single parent with this problem. As a writer, I thought it might be good to bring others along who also felt those wobbly legs underneath them, but still just wanted to get out into the world and run.

Getting out more is more than just another Instagram friendly travelogue of exotic locations, enviable experiences, and glossy photos. Really, it couldn’t be further from that. What I want to do is share my experiences with normal people and get them inspired. To get you thinking about ways to take 48 hours with your kids, and turn them into experiences that will last a lifetime. I’m here to talk about gear. Tips and tricks about travel, or just enjoying an experience. I want to examine the little details a lot of people used to this kind of thing take for granted, because for some of us this stuff is very new. And pretty damned terrifying at times!

So if anybody has ever told you “You need to get out more.” You’re in the right place.

Yours in adventuring,

–Clinton A. Harris

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