Packing for the Big Trip

A couple weeks ago, I posted about packing cubes and what to pack for a trip.

Today, I’m dealing with all the weird crap that I have been told to do.  Lot’s of copying.

  • Making copies of my passport
    • 2 paper copies
    • 1 pic on phone
  • Writing down credit card company phone numbers
  • Making copies of my travel insurance
  • Printing off my AirBnB accommodations info.
  • Activating my international calling plan ($0.10 per minute. It’s like the old cell phone days!)
  • Switching my credit cards over to international currency temporarily
  • This weekend I will need to buy some snacks to pack for the flight.  (Having low blood sugar is no fun–I get so bad sometimes I can’t read).
  • Packing medicine for the trip
    • Immodium A-D: because, well you never know
    • Sudafed: because sinuses suck sometimes
    • Benadryl: doubles as antihistamine and motion sickness/sleeping pill. I have no idea what I’m allergic to over there.  But I’m sure there’s something.
    • Zyrtec: lighter antihistamine and sleeping pill
    • Ibuprofen
    • Rescue inhaler

Much of this list is mostly a backup in case things go completely sideways, i.e. I get robbed, I lose/break my phone, just about anything else that is crazy happens and a phone or what I have in my wallet won’t fix it.

The copies of ID are sorta unsettling.  They need to be kept off my person as well as on.  In other words, somebody beats the shit out of me/knifes me (this is the UK, so I doubt I’m going to get shot) and takes my pack/wallet/phone I can still contact an embassy and be sent home somehow.  With my shield or on it.

For redundancy I have scanned and sent my travel info/copies/insurance to my parents as well as to myself as a PDF I can keep on my phone.  I have also collected all of my logins/passwords and informed next of kin where they can be found in case something happens.

It’s a little bit unsettling to record all the passwords and logins of all my accounts, blogs, and utilities.  “Just in case.”  If something horrible happens to me, my family would be able to pick up the pieces and not have a total mess on their hands.  It’s weird to see everything compiled in a list like this too.  As though this momento mori serves as a reminder that one day, I will die.  And anyone who finds this trail of breadcrumbs is welcome to use my Netflix account.

Well, on to happier things, like not dying or becoming horribly maimed during my trip!

Some people I have talked to have a copy of their Will or a DNR they carry with them if the need presents itself.

When I was a Boy Scout, the motto was “Be Prepared.”  I have always taken that to heart.  When you start traveling internationally, or even just in the USA, it isn’t a bad idea to leave some breadcrumbs for those you leave behind if it all goes wrong.

These precautions don’t have to slow you down or serve as some terrible reminder of your mortality, but if a situation gets sticky, it’s better to have this stuff than not. Putting it all together definitely gave me some mixed emotions.  Anything can happen and we are not promised tomorrow, so it doesn’t hurt to be organized.

Now that all that is out of the way, my next step is to start planning on all the fun I’m going to have!




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    • Clinton Harris Post author

      Thanks! I’m a look both ways constantly NUT when it comes to crossing any road!


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