Day 2: London Part 1—Mostly Food

I hate waking up early in the morning, but thanks to my internal clock still set for Mountain Standard Time, GMT inspires me to get up at 6am.  So, up I was, showered, and out the door by 7:30am.  I went to a place for breakfast called Arco’s and had a plate of breakfast, which consisted of two eggs, sunny side up, some beautiful bacon, two sausages, beans, and toast.  Let’s get over the beans thing right now.  It works.  It is pretty good, and considering the number of Americans who complain of irregularity, maybe we need more beans in our diet.

The toast however…wow.  I don’t think I have ever had bread before now.  I can see why the Brits turn everything into sandwiches.  At Tattersalls the night before, as I ate my Big Fish, chips (these are not the same as French fries), pickled onion, and “scampi” which is deep fried cuts of shrimp I think. I asked the waitress how she recommend I eat the way the locals do.  She said, “We’re a bit weird here and serve bread with everything.  I like to spread the butter on my bread, put a few chips on it and make a sandwich.”  Otherwise the suggestion was to go nuts.  The curry sauce didn’t hurt matters in that regard one bit.  It was like packaged brown gravy with CURRY flavor.

Anyway, I digress.  The bread here is amazing.  You could just take a third piece of this bread and sandwich it between two pieces of toast and call it a sandwich.  Amazing.  The portions here, I think, are actually larger than American portions.  So much for the fat shaming we get across the pond.  People here walk a lot though.  And they walk quickly and with purpose.

The uniform of the commuter is running shoes and their office clothes.  Women mostly wear leggings and floral print skirts with their trainers (shoes), and the men have the luxury of more comfortable shoes.  I only saw one man wearing a bowler hat.  The men usually wear sport coats and trousers.

I headed over to Buckingham Palace on foot, and then across St. James park.  The interesting thing about my maps is how much I loathe them.  The tube/bus maps don’t match with the street/landmark maps, so unfortunately I have been missing things.  I have been getting reallllllly lost too.  By the time I saw Nelson standing on his column, my feet were already starting to hurt, so I walked up to the British museum.  I will have an entire entry dedicated to the British museum later on.

There is so much stuff there it is overwhelming.  In a good way.

After the museum I ticked another item off my to-do list, which was to have a curry.  It was okay.  I guess I expected more.  Maybe there are better shops.

I took the tube back from Russell Square because my feet were killing me.  Like limping around like an 86 year old man bad.  Ironically enough, this particular station has a spiral staircase of 173 steps to the trains.  I thought, if I fall, at least the trip down will be quick.

I rode the train back to Knightsbridge station, got a little lost.  Wandered around until I found the flat.  Took a two hour nap.  Then I decided since it wasn’t even 8pm yet, I would head to a pub.  I used Culture Trip and found a place off the beaten path, which everyone else seemed to prefer that it was off the beaten path too, because it was packed on a Tuesday.  For 10pounds, I got a pint of Camden Hells lager.  What in the actual hell?

On the walk home, thanks to the altitude, even on my empty stomach I wasn’t even tipsy, so I stopped at a grocery store and got a bag of crisps.  I have never had crisps before, but they did have most of the flavors we have for potato chips in the US.  So I got sweet chili and curry flavored.  Amazing.  That and a Cadbury Twist (OMG soooo good) was dinner.  I decided to get myself a little lost on the walk home and other than forgetting my coat at the room, it was a nice evening to see the town.

I got back to my room.  Did a little laundry and wrote up these last two posts.  Now I’m going to black out.  Tomorrow is not going to be the Bath trip.  I have decided to see some more landmarks in town first.  Bath might be a Thursday thing.  But probably not a weekend thing because that is when all the locals visit the countryside.

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  1. Soon Lee

    My surprise (though it shouldn’t have been) is how strangely familiar London looked even though I had never been there before.

    Definite deja vu, but it was because I had seen so much of it already on TV & in movies.


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