Life in a Cold Climate

The recent polar vortex which has hit the US and Canada recently has made me feel fortunate to already live in a place where we are in a constant polar vortex. But, I thought I would share some of my thoughts and experiences for anyone out there who needs to hear it. Food and suppliesContinue reading “Life in a Cold Climate”

New Dog New Tricks

A friend of mine used to joke about how the men she dated had reached the end of the line the moment they adopted a Labrador Retriever. She even used to say, “Once they get a yellow lab, it’s all over. They’ve given up.” In early January, my aunt contacted me about a stray dogContinue reading “New Dog New Tricks”

New Beginnings

For nearly the last year, keeping this site going has met with many challenges. Like most of us, getting out more has been almost a relic of the past, what with lockdowns, social distancing, and many changes. Maybe that is why it is even more important to push ourselves and our envelopes. Not just forContinue reading “New Beginnings”