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The Traveler

My name is Clinton A. Harris and I am a writer, dad, adventurer and a number of other titles. For the last few years, I have been working on a personal project to discover more about myself and the world around me.

Other than a few family vacations while growing up, which consisted of driving past some of America’s most iconic landmarks in a hot car with no air conditioning, my experience in getting out more was fairly limited.  When I was seventeen, I embarked on an adventure that got me hooked on travel, new experiences, and making new friends along the way.

Then for the next twenty years, I did none of those things. 

I was in an unhappy marriage, but I became a dad of three amazing kids. Then one day my life changed and I was divorced. Like over 50% of the population, I started a path of rediscovery.  I had the chance to become who I wanted to be; there was still time.  

It took nearly five years to get to the point where I wedged myself between two strangers on an international flight and stepped off in a completely different place.  My expectations quickly flew out the window.  I had to think quickly on my feet and at other times, just let the moment sweep me along with it.

In my travelblog, I share my experiences, my victories as well as my failures.  My goal is to reach out a hand and help anyone else who found themselves in a rut, who wants to push themselves outside of their comfort zone but might not know where to begin. 

Sometimes my trips are solo.  Sometimes my kid is right there with me.  People come and go into our lives with the passage of time.  We celebrate the moments and enjoy the experiences. And here I get to share them with you!

The Writer

I have been writing for many years.  My first published work was with my university literary Magazine in 1996, since then my stories have appearing in various publications such as Fantasy Magazine, Tales of the Talisman, Coyote Wild, A Fly in Amber, and Cracked.com.  I have written newspaper editorials, guest blogs, and content for my home town chamber of commerce.  I published my first novel, Song of the Cinder in 2014.

For the last ten years, I have been writing website content for online companies.  For anything from high-end knife retailers to tourism boards, crime scene cleanup companies and even parts catalogs for off-highway vehicle customizers, I put words together for my clients that are beyond the basic needs of SEO and algorithms.  They are also a pleasure to read for their customers!

Recently, I have gotten the chance to begin my latest adventure, which is travel writing.  Talk about getting to put two things together that I love doing!  I want to bring others like myself along on trips and inspire them to get out more themselves. 

I’m working on a new project which takes place in the “Cinderverse” as well as a tell-all memoir of working in Higher Education for the last 20 years, told from the point of view of an office clerk who is watching the whole thing come down around him.


Follow my podcast, Gasoline Shower Thoughts, wherever good podcasts are found.  Apple, Spotify, Pandora, etc! 

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