About us

My name is Clinton A. Harris. I grew up in a tiny mountain town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I am a writer of fiction, blogs, and stories of travel. In 2014, I published my first book, Song of the Cinder, which can be found on Amazon.

My work has appeared in various publications, such as Fantasy Magazine, Coyote Wild, Tales of the Talisman, Cracked.com, and others. My other writing can be found all over the internet for various companies that do everything from selling fancy pocket knives to Canadian tourism.

As a writer and single parent, I want to share what I have learned about getting out more, making new memories with my family, as well as better ways to take care of myself.

Enjoy the trip!

What we do

As a single dad, it has been a challenge to make the best of my time. Over the last few years, I have figured out all sorts of tips and tricks and want to share them.

What to do with 48 hours

Though I have 50/50 parenting time, a lot of parents don’t. One of the challenges of this way of life is making the best of the situation. Especially when it comes to spending quality time with your kids. Because of work schedules, the biggest chunk of our time to spend with family (for most of us, not just divorced parents) is the weekend.

What to do on my own

The times you don’t have your kids can feel lonely. You might get ants in your pants and really want to distract yourself from work, missing your kids, or even just experiencing new things that will help you grow as a person! Sometimes you just have to go it on your own!

Gear reviews

From backpacks to luggage, water bottles to cameras, sometimes you need to know what gear works, and what doesn’t. These reviews will give you the low-down on all of it.

Life in general

This will be a place to talk about lessons I have learned and any wisdom I can share along the way. Hopefully I don’t stand on my soapbox too often!

You can read more about this at my personal blog.